5 tips to adapt your time management to your kids

Time Management

Here is a real experience:

A woman comes home running at 17.00 after her job in order to spend one hour with her kids before leaving on a business trip. One goal: spending one hour with them to share, help the oldest one with homework and leave with the heart full of love and happiness. Just an illusion! Those kids (mine by the way and they could be yours) do not know that their mum only have one hour for them and what it implies for her to do so. They just came back from school, are tired and just do not pay much attention to her. In this painful moment, she takes a decision: she will never do this again!

This type of Time management, workable for grown ups, is just not suitable for kids and can lead you to high level of frustration.

What can you do to manage your time taking your kids into consideration?

Apart from applying the Slow movement philosophy, I believe it is easy to incorporate 5 little tips into our life.

    • Change your times: I don’t think I have met so far a family where the stress level in the mornings is low. Most of the time, parents are rushing, kids are not hair combed, some of them without breakfast or even asleep in the car, crying…I believe that waking up earlier as a family is really helpful..which also implies arriving earlier and calmer to school/work…For adults, it can be an opportunity to wake up earlier in order to start the day for oneself in a happier manner…
    • Change the way you estimate time- For whatever time slots we would normally consider for an activity, we should automatically add 30 minutes to leave time for the small ones.
    • Take advantage of mornings: most of the kids get up quite early, so let’s make the most of mornings especially during Winter, and it gives us time in the evenings for ourselves.
    • Involve them in time management: I believe it is basic, so that they know how much time they need to complete a task and ask them how long they need to do it. Negotiate in the morning what are the activities each of them has to do, in which ranking, count the time they spent, make a contest, put music on to influence the whole day humor!
    • Plan the time in advance: book it in your agenda and mínimum 3 hours to complete an activity in order to do it without stress.

No one has ever succeeded something different without changing the way of doing things! Go and Change things!

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