A Christmas Survival Kit


Christmas can be shiny and beautiful, glamourous and family oriented and it is also the worse holiday time of the year because you usually need another holiday to recover from it.


Think about how you feel right now. It seems like the world is about to stop. Everyone at work is rushing to finish off things, people are tired and stressed.

Gifts – unless for some happy fews, most of the gifts are bought some weeks before, thus implying rushing into shops, stressful headache,s trying to find out what to buy without spending too much and moreover, facing your feelings towards the people you have to buy a gift to. It is therefore a very emotional, money focused period of the year.

 5 tips to survive and have a Free Christmas

  • Make the most out of positive attitude. Be aware that you are creating memories, close your eyes and remember those xmas with your family, how much fun and magics….do it again. Look for the positive in this time of the year and in others. Avoid facing family issues during this time of the year. It won’t help things to go smoothly.
  • Plan ahead. What is it you want to take away from this period of time? You know you will eat, meet people and give/receive gifts and apart from this? If you want to read, what books? When are you going to free up time for it? Keep
  • Take care of your body. We tend to eat, drink alcohol and sleep different hours. Some people come back from Xmas holidays more tired than before. Keep a certain rhythm, go and breath and move outside,control what you eat and drink
  • Handle expectations. Yours first, be reasonable about what to expect from this time of the year. Take time on your own, especially if you are with many people in the same place.  Handle the ones of people around you.


Have a Free & Merry Xmas time!

Free yourself