A phone instead of Love

A phone instead of loveAs most of us, my phone consums me…new technologies tend to kill my inner journey and my connection to the real world and those around me…

Yesterday I met a little boy aged 7 with his own phone. He came to a birthday party and could not stop checking his mobile, calling his mum to tell her where he was (in case she did not know about it whilst she had just dropped him 20 mn ago) or asking her to buy him a gift…and I asked myself: so, this is it? the fact that your mum or dad picks up the phone whilst you are at a birthday party having a short break from the games, means they love you? You are clearly feeling better knowing they are at the other end of the line? Is it then now going to be like getting a “Like” on Facebook or Instagram? Like those friendships that only exist on Whatsapp? What is this?

I want real human relationships free of technologies, I want to know how to use technology and teach my children that life is not this…yes, we need to use it, yes this is helpful but please, 7 years old and already addicted to a mobile phone?

 Come on, let’s be free ourselves in order to help our kids being free themselves.

Free yourself