About the free me project

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth – JFK

Women are subject to pressure by society since they are born. Imprisoned by choices and circumstances imposed by others upon them. It is a challenge for many to really take their lives in their hands and take their own free decisions.

The Free Me Project was born with an ambitious objective:

“Helping women to live a fulfilled life by breaking free from the chains that hold and restrain them at multiple levels.”

What drives TFMP is the pursuit of women’s happiness through freedom to be their true selves, whatever this might be. And freedom to perform simultaneous roles without having to sacrifice any.

What can you expect from TFMP?

* No solutions, only options to broaden the mind and push you to take action and find your own path to freedom.

* Sharing my experience without being an example to follow – at all. This is my path, Not yours and not necessarily a model to follow!

* Reflecting, sharing and open communication with no taboos.

* Soon, more than the blog!

TFMP is built around 4 main categories, aligned with the key roles women take in life:


First and foremost, a Woman is a Woman. And because this is the first role we have in life, we need to take care of it as our core.  Here we talk about topics such as friendship, energy, style, gender equality…


How do you integrate Work into your other life roles? How can you decide freely upon your Work? What makes you a great professional? How do you make the most of it?


The way we chose, invest in and take care of our Love relationship is fundamental for our fulfillment. How can we do it right? How can we make sure we are aligned? How can we grow together without curtailing the other’s freedom?. This part is about choosing the right partner, managing to develop together and taking the right important decisions as well as cultivating our relationship.


Becoming a Mother is a dramatic change in our modern life. This specific moment of motherhood often makes us fall into a sea of doubts and pressure. This section includes topics such as deciding to get pregnant, choosing breastfeeding or other ways, playing, educating  and especially coaching our kids.


I am Isabelle, constantly seeking happiness and thriving on deciding freely upon my life.

My path so far:

Studies: I graduated in International Trade Law and Interpretation and Translation both in France and Germany and I have a Master’s Degree in European Business.

Countries: Born and raised in Paris, studied in France, Germany and UK. I  worked in Frankfurt, London and Madrid, and travelled around the world!

Work: after different experiences, I steered my career towards my true vocational job as Coach and Trainer in an international consulting Company for 10 years now.

A warm welcome to TFMP! It is a pleasure to have you here!