Always alone


The day I understood you are always alone in this world, all my life changed.

I can’t recall when neither how or why, but it changed the way I looked at me, I connected with others, planned my life even raise my kids.

I truly believe in loneliness as the hability to stand straight on your feet without depending on anyone else, and it is especially important for love relationships. Being alone, being able to be on your own, looking for time to face ourselves, are keys for many things and especially self esteem. Not depending on anyone, not looking for someone that will carry you, makes you see things in a much clearer and freer way.

I have not always been like this…I know that for many of us anxiety is stronger, we would rather run away from ourselves into the noise of people talking around, we avoid talking about things that bother us or let our mind escape and feel always accompanied…

Here are my 3 advantages for knowing to be alone:

  1. Self esteem– as mentioned before
  2. Freedom to decide– you can chose for yourself without letting anyone influence you
  3. Productivity

This article shows 7 advantages for being on your own and here I spoke about

Is being alone the new Freedom?

In our world where it seems to be fashionable to be alone, we can ask ourselves how much of this is really desired or forced and how much do we really want to be only with ourselves?


Free yourself