Back to Childhood: ask again!

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We have grown up, we are more “mature” but we still have this little boy or little girl inside us.  Even if sometimes it seems we don’t remember about it or even when we turn parents ourselves, it seems that we can’t act as kids anymore because of our responsibility. But they are the best little maestros on earth. Some weeks ago, El Pais published an article with the following title: “There is no little maestro” and I totally agree with this point.

 Novalis, one of the main German poet of romanticism used to say that “Childhood is the golden age”. An age whereby we don’t stop growing, developing ourselves and especially learning with no effort and in a natural way. So what about starting again to learn from the child inside us or simply reconnect with him/her?

 The first main point to go back to childhood is to ask what you don’t know…

 And why? Why? But why? Those 3 or 4 whys that sometimes leave us out of speak as parents…those whys are what moves learning but there are also the proof of no prejudgments and desire to know. This is for me the main thing that as adult we should do to connect again with our little kid inside.

Ask, don’t give up asking but become the master in one single type of questions: open ended questions. This is the main magical wand but be careful because your adult might go back to control you and manipulated by its powerful judgment based on experiences, you might end up using only closed ended questions, those that only start with a verb and aim at confirming (or not) a preconceived idea…

 I still recall an important event in my salesperson life. Whilst talking to a General Manager about his salespeople’s behaviors, I asked him “Why now?” and really “why is it important to do it now?” He got really upset and told me, Mrs., how do you dare to ask me this bearing in mind the economic crisis in Spain and in my sector? He made me feel silly and I even started my question. But I explained him that if he wanted me to give him the best proposal to solve his issues, I needed the answer to my question. I achieved so much information from his answer that I managed to close the deal, much more customized than expected and really meeting his needs.

 Ask, master open ended questions and do not fall into superficial conversations . And especially do not fear to look ignorant or silly, real silliness is actually not asking a thing. Let’s look at things with new eyes and ask!




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