Back to childhood: get dirty!

Back to childhood II jpg

Every single parent has experienced the following situation: dressing your kids with brand new clothes and five minutes later, finding them covered in dirt.  So what? Really more than wanting them to look fresh and good, we should step back and analyze: why is it so bad to get dirty?

As far as I am concerned, I much rather prefer a stained kid having fun than a perfectly looking one being bored…and I myself prefer to dress more relaxed and stain myself instead of wearing high heels for example.

Once again, children show us the right way, the way to real life, without artifices and superficiality.

We need to experience getting dirty, cooking, building something, running, going to the countryside without worrying about staining ourselves. It is part of the learning process at all levels. Getting dirty, messing your hair up, this is real life.

Forget about social norms, forget about having Pinterest kids and get wild again!…just like a child


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