Back to the past: use a alarm clock!

alarm clockYes, you have read properly. Today I am talking about my last discovery…an alarm clock! I have been now using one for the last one year and a half..

I had forgotten how it was like…so used to using my mobile phone for everything.

But suddenly time came for me to realize that the thing I spent most time with was my mobile phone.ç

My last action  before sleeing, looking at my mobile.

First thing in the morning whilst waking up, checking my mobile.

Just in case…in case something incredible would have happened in the mean time.

And what had happened to those wonderful hugs in the morning with my partner? Or those slow waking up whilst you are awake and stay in bed, calmly, listening to the surroundings or your inside noise, thinking, visualizing your day, reconnecting with yourself and the world? Gone, they were gone…and this is why I bought a clock alarm again…years I did not use one, it has been kind of weird…but thanks to mr amazon it was solved quickly.

And it is on my night table, happy and so am I..

I have taken my life back, those first instants of life without a phone…those moments of freedom.. Small periods of time where you reconnect with yourself to connect better to the world. Go for it! It is the second tip for the #retomenosmovil we launched few weeks ago with Laura from mistrucosparaeducar …and a great idea of gift for this Xmas.


Free yourself