Be different! Put your personal Touch – Part I


With this post, I officially start a special section on how to be different. How to put your personal touch to things, as part of the ways to fulfill yourself and thus, be freer choosing your image and being different.

As a kid, I have been taught that there is no better gift than giving something from you, authentically to others. And this is how I grew my passion for handicrafts, a hobby I can today share with my kids.

We will speak in another post about my fight against conformity in all its senses. For me, conformity is the death of freedom and life in general. And this is why I believe that putting a personal touch to everything is a way of not conforming oneself, not being like everyone else, standing out.

And, on this sunny Friday, I am delighted to introduce you to my business cards for The FreeMe Project. Some of you will have noticed that I published the logo of the blog some weeks ago. This was the first step.

I wanted business cards. I knew I did not want them to be standard ones and that it had to be something easy, and that I could do it myself. I knew I wanted to use tailor-made stamps but could not find a place where to do it…And this is how Sello Arte appeared on my way…


Sello Arte

Sello Arte is a beautiful, special and no conformist project. Defining Sello Arte as a pure stamps company would be too short. Their mission says actually a lot: They want to reach out for handcrafters, creative people, mothers, children, teachers and designers. Offering them unique and original stamps, personalized and traditional ones, for everyone.” And actually they offer an experience: the experience of playing and having fun with unique stamps, with your own design, your initials or incredible illustrations made up by important designers!

I got directly in touch on the phone and via email with José, one of the partners. We exchanged ideas and messages about how I wanted my cards and they assessed me regarding which ones would fit better on a stamp. And this is how they look like!!

Why do I like this initiative?

First, because of José, the partner I know well, an Argentinian based in Madrid. This guy represents creativity in its pure state! He always has new ideas, and he really develops them. This mixture of initiative and creativity is according to me, the basis for inspiring others to go into pursuing our dreams. He is an example of no conformity, constantly striving in improving and putting together new projects. He is THE true entrepreneur! Well done, José!

On the top of it, I believe their products are a different type of gifts, that enable the ones who receive them to be different at their turn! What about those stamps for the kids clothes? Or to mark their books? Or their letters?
Christmas being around the corner, I have already ordered some of those cute stamps for my nephews.

And of course, you will have understood the link with this post: this project promotes doing things yourself: putting your stamp! We are talking about personal brand and I love it!

It is without saying that the service is excellent: they use stamps for their cards and all their packaging.  We could not be more aligned!

For all these reasons, I choose to order not only the stamps for the FreeMe Project cards but also for our family…so that we can leave our footprint..

Once I received my cards, I started to stamp them…and I have to add that this job gave a lot of energy. One after the other, with each stamp on each side, letting them dry…learning to do it…with time!

The pleasure of doing things handmade, taking the time , giving a bit of myself with each print…a peaceful and cheerful moment in our too-highly paced society.

By the way, I believe that if in Spain the phenomenon of DIY (Do It Yourself – Hazlo tu mismo) is increasing, it is not only because of the crisis and the need for cheaper things, but much more because we all enjoy top up our personal footprint on things.

Enjoy your weekend! I.

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