The FreeMe Project changes dress!

TFMP banniere FB

“Change before you have to” Jack Welch….

 Ok it is true, I am impatient and that is why I love so much this sentence about change. This is what pushed me to start this blog in 2013 as if there was no tomorrow, in order to get one step further with the FreeMe Project.

 Some of you might have noticed that a change was on its way, first with a new logo and then with new images for each category…well, now it is official! We change image and The FreeMe Project changes dress.

 And the main reason behind this change is that TFMP will go one step further, towards what is my real added value is: 1 to 1 connexion and not only 2.0 world. And to support this new adventure, the blog had to be clearer and reflect more freedom. Soon we will have workshops and experiences to share.

 For someone as impatient as I am, the whole process has been like giving birth. And I have no words to thank Boudu alias Edith for her patience, empathy and constant touch of humor during the long process of our partnership. I started working with her for her relaxed creativity and her light touch in all her designs and this is how the new image came up. If you are after different gifts, have a look at what she does in her shop: Boudu shop

I hope you like the new image as much as I do. Big hug!

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