“Your turn, Darling” about negotiation in the couple

Win win relationshipAbout 10 years ago, when I started as a Consultant, I had an eye opening event. A general manager in a company I was delivering a training, came one day to me to say goodbye. I was surprised and he explained to me: “It is my wife’s turn..,she has been following me to support my career for 10 years so now the cycle has come to an end, it is her turn to develop her career”.

 I remember my unexperienced and bedazzled reaction of single woman in her twenties and thought THIS is definitely a fulfilling relationship!

 So, how well do you negotiate in your couple?

When is your time? When is it your partner’s time?

 There is nothing worse than feeling we are not receiving the same and of course, who am I to say what is the balance. This is something that comes from within, yourself and your partner. This is something that is linked to your vision of happiness as a couple and as an individual.

What makes you happy? On your own and together?

What does it mean for you if you don’t have it?

What are the changes the couple needs to put into place in order to reach this?

 Start this week. On Sunday, evening sit down with your couple and ask him/her: What do you need this week from me to be happy? What do I need this week to be happy? How will we make it?

Give, and receive…this is love, this is negotiation. So, when was the last time it was your turn?


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