International Women’s Day – it is Y/OURday!

Dia de la mujer

She worked…On this morning of 8th of March, she woke up feeling upset. Whilst she was looking outside through the window, she recalled that until now she never celebrated this day. What happened to her? Did she forget about the fact that she was a woman?

She realized that she had taken things for guaranteed, that she had always been free of choosing what she wanted to do out of her life and that she has earned it thanks to other women.

She suddenly got aware of the fact that before her motherhood, she had never stopped to see the gender differences that were still so present even though subtle in the society.

She felt bad about having been absorbed by other duller topics over the last years… She got scared when she read that the World Economic Forum did not see any real change before 2133.

And, at this very moment, whilst looking at her daughter asleep in the warmth of her bedroom, she realized how big her own responsibility was…she had the obligation to talk, to enjoy every single day her freedom, to fly with her wings and to help her daughter and the rest of women to be really free of their own decisions, all together and along with men.

Each of us we have the opportunity to contribute or help each other or smaller girls, we can fight for parity, respect and diversity pushing forward new more flexible cultures and fight stereotypes. As for TFMP, we want to take this opportunity to announce 2 interesting focuses:

  • Our collaboration once a month with Beatriz Millan
  • Our new focus on educating girls so that they become free Women tomorrow. More to share soon…

Let’s celebrate! Each of us on a personal level!

Free yourself