Change & Style, a happy tandem

On Saturday 17th of November in a marvelous house in Madrid’s outskirts, I started a new path full of surprises, leading a special workshop on “Style, Change and Happiness” along with Andrea Amoretti


 Her “happy style” with a clear focus on self-knowledge and self-esteem totally fits my vision of a FreeWoman: a woman who is decided to find herself, fighting her own inner barriers and those that the society puts to her whilst looking for her unique style.

 We had many reasons to get well along but this is whilst talking about Change that we got the idea of co-animating a workshop. ¿Coincidence or not? Why did we make it happen?

Maybe because:

    • Andrea, as announced on her blog, is again going through a big change moving to London in december with all her family after self publishing her yellow book of style and has identified that Change is clearly one of her pillars in her style quest.
    • I am personally a Change lover, and always seeking a new one!
    • This fits my profession: As Coach working for an International consulting firm specialized in Change, I investigate and accompany persons in their changes at all levels.
    • I am convinced that Women are Change Champions and don’t even know about it
    • As my Grandma said, Style is a matter of attitude and the way you look is key on working your selfesteem.

 So, you might wonder, what do Style and Change have in common?

Here are 3 keys we discovered working together with Andrea

    • You need to know Who you are! In order to find your style as to adapt to change, you need to know yourself, know where you start from, what is your identity. Only if you are clear about this point, will you be able to live with trust the changes you are facing.
Estilo y Cambio-503
    • Give yourself time to embrace your emotions! Each change is like a rollercoaster of emotion: nostalgia, fear, doubts…Adapting to change means going from emotional to rational. Even if everyone tries to convince you that there is no time for emotions, forget about it! It is of no help to deny them actually. And it is exactly the same for the style. Time and experience help us to find our style and handle better our emotions in front of the mirror.
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    • Get prepared! You need to invest time to prepare yourself, to face changes the best possible way for you. Change is like sport, the more you change, the easier it gets. Style is quite similar, it has to do with preparation even planning in order to feel good about it.
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 It has been a wonderful experience, hard to summarize.

But from where I stand, I want to thank each of you who was there, because you made it very special.

Of course, Andrea, it has been an honor to be at your side, from the beginning preparing the contents and exploring interactions to co-animating in tandem in such a fluid, authentic and professional way! Let’s go for many more!

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Here is Andrea’s vision of the workshop: When style and change meet

All pictures are from Silvia and the delicious catering by Cookita Tamara

Special thanks to Silvia from Cenasadivina




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