Closed for holidays! Recharging batteries…

Regargando pilas - moradoQuite some years ago, I used to be nicknamed Duracell, because I never got out of batteries, could dance until early morning whilst going out…I am still bursting with energy but I need to recharge my batteries.

And I am glad to say this is exactly what I will be doing over the next month, focusing on what really matters, this that makes your eyes shine and your heart explode of joy. It will, and it is already aFreeSummer2015

And off I go, with THE guy who has summed up in his drawing my intentions: my husband! We are going to my Special Freedom Place together, hand in hand like for the last 15 years we have spent together…

I will be back in September with new projects to tell you about, I won’t be on my own, there will be changes, so that we continue seeking our freedom, fighting for taking the right decisions in a free way. See you soon!

Free yourself

  1. Nicolas

    Bonnes Vacances et MERCI pour cette riche année avec TFMP.