Covering them up at nights – an infringement to my freedom


Every single evening, I admit that, even already in my bed, I have to go and cover them up, checking they are  both fine…and I can’t control this.

Once entering their bedrooms, I am suddenly transported to a world of smells and love. I can’t resist it, it is much stronger than me and I feel so weak…but this is clearly one of the weaknesses I love.

I have decided to come to terms with the fact that there are some things in life that I chose freely not to be free of.…and covering up my kids in the evening when I am at home, is clearly one of those.

I love their smell, their poses whilst asleep…their words when they turn around in their bed, observing their bedroom at night and giving them one last kiss.

They say that this is when we are asleep, that we are the most authentic and I truly believe in this.

Night has always been a strange moment for me, I never really liked it and used to postpone to the maximum the time I had to leave my parents to be on my own in my bedroom. It might therefore also be for this reason, that I especially enjoy this moment, looking at them, maybe because they don’t see me, or maybe because of this very special silence of the night. And anyway, I am addicted to it and I believe that sometimes, we can chose freely to be this way (let’s bear in mind, it depends on the topic).


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