El Salto! A book about daring to change

el salto

I love unexpected encounters and the other day, it happened to me again…I fell in love at first sight with a…book! A book that stood out of the others many and that caught my attention for its message…a delightful book that I simply took away with me, without thinking too much about it, just following my intuition Post on intuition

I bought this book called EL SALTO for my kids, because its simple message could fit perfectly with the philosophy of The FreeMe Project: “in order to be yourself, you need courage and to jump into the unknown”. Through the story of a whale who is and decides to be different, children are told to accept themselves and face their own fears stepping out of their comfort zone.
And… because life is that simple sometimes, I got in touch with Paola Rigiroli, the author, with whom the connection has been marvelous.
And.. also, because she is the best person to talk about her book, I asked her some questions in order to share them with you along this short interview.

TFMP- Paola, what does it mean for you to be free?
Paola – Being free for me means being able to choose, taking risks and above all, not feeling guilty for failing. Simply doing what you want to do. A year and a half ago, I decided to jump, stepping away from a working situation that was too uncomfortable for me because it had become too comfy. And this book means the beginning of a new era, and the end of another one. Having it published is a huge part of the process as it enables the story to reach others. I feel I have made a big step reaching this objective.

TFMP- Paola, what do you want to transmit with your book?
Paola – The book clearly focuses on children because of the illustration but really the idea is to send a universal message for kids and for grown-ups.
I believe that if we teach children to be their selves, to acknowledge their strength, we can contribute to improve their self-esteem and thus create a strong basis for them to feel unique rather than “different”. Words are key on this matter: unique is positive whilst using different, we are contributing to stereotypes. In the book, the grey whales represent the stereotypes, the crowd and the tendency of not thinking and following. In a way, it is easier. The striped whale is going through a changing process where emotions and authenticity are key. She knows she is scared and that is why she is struggling to assert herself.
There are loads of adult situations that those two parties can represent. By putting this into a tale, we are saying: come on! Be brave! Jump! Here you will find your dreams! Don’t let yourself down because of fear!…

Don’t think about it: go and get this book!Buy El Salto! I believe it is the perfect way to share with your little ones about the topic of change, non-conformity. Again, congratulations Paola for your work! Come on, let’s jump!

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