FreeKid: 5 challenges to make your kid touch the sky!

Childs limit elisaFor those living in Madrid, this campaign must ring a bell. I have to confess I did not pay it too much attention until one day I got aware of the fact that the boy is an astronaut and the girl a doctor.

campaña madrid

Looking at it, everything seems normal, top level careers that both support the idea of educating yourself well in life. But if we stop a while, we can ask ourselves: Why not the opposite? I mean why can the boy touch the moon and the girl not, who is in fact again assigned to a caring role? This initiative which initially is positive, can loose a lot of impact because of not taking into consideration the type of subconscious limits it supports without even being aware of it.

Of course, here I am talking about gender limits but as parents, What are the main challenges we are facing whilst developing our kids? What is actually educating them helping them to find their own path?

I think there are 5 main challenges:

  1. Our own limits and the projection we make on our kids.

It is quite obvious that by projecting our own limits on our kids, we can end up pushing them into limits that are not theirs. Being free of our own fears as parents is one of the essentials to educate kids without putting limits to their development. See here my post on my rol as a mum.

2.Our tastes don’t have to be those of our kids.

It is marvellous to transmit and share hobbies. And how open are we to the fact they might not like them?

3. Making mistakes is the tool to help them decide what they really enjoy

If we let them discover, try and learn by mistake, they will develop themselves. If we protect them too much, we end up taking away from them the right to analyze and draw their own conclusions.

4. Promoting self thinking instead of forcing them to obey

Talking, talking and talking and asking, asking and asking. We should not give the anwers and this is one of our main challenges. One of the pillars is how do we involve them in decisions.

 5. Respect his/her internal freedom: respec their rythms, encourage silence, free playing, respect their childhood without saturating their senses.

This is what Catherine Lecuyer explains greatly in her excellent book “Educar en el asombro”.

 This video is a great example of how quite often as parents we limit the development of our children: a small baby climbing in his/her nappies…

What do you do yourself to avoid putting limits to the development of your kids and support them in it?


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