Get bored!

Bored of being bored

Have you noticed that Smartphones have become the new cigarettes?

In the past, when you did not really know what to do with your hands or when you were bored meaning most of the time waiting, you had your cigarettes, well now, every single moment we don’t have anything to do, we pull out our phones…and we scroll, look at photos, read…but we always do. I have to confess I am often one of them and that is why I wrote this article Forget your smartphones at home some months ago because I think we are losing our freedom with so many screens around there.

Well, if you have not been bored today, your creativity is at stake. This is what an interesting project called Bored and Brilliant: the Lost art of Spacing Out is saying. It explores the impact of being bored at work on creativity inside or outside work. What is clear is that it is very much linked to limiting the number of technological stimulations. And of course it applies to kids and adults.

Have a look:

I love this project because you have daily challenges regarding your use of technology such as:

  1. Don’t take photos: see your world through your eyes not your screen!
  2. Keep your phone in your pockets

So, get ready, get bored, you will reconnect with yourself and the world. It is actually incredible to look at people and observe the buildings rather than fixing your mobile…isn’t it? It is called Phone Freedom and Time for creativity!

Free yourself