How high do you want to fly? About daring…

Have you heard about the legend of Icarus? It says Icarus died victim of his vanity. His father made wings for him to escape using waxed feathers and told him not to fly too close to the sun but he did not obey and flew too high. What is the traditional key message of this legend?  That you should not disobey the king or your dad, that you should not believe you are better than you are and especially: never think you got the ability to do whatever you want to do!

Seth Godin ruins this myth in his book: The Icarus Deception revealing the fact that our industrial society never told us that Icarus’ father did not only tell him not to fly too high but also not to fly too low, too close to the sea in order to avoid wetting the wings and losing out his propelling strength.

His message is that we totally oversee another much more extended weakness: settling for too little…and I love this message!

I also believe that, in life, it is much more dangerous to fly too low than too high. As he says: “Even if you believe it is safer to fly low, be careful! We can settle for modest expectations but doing this, we are unfair with ourselves and with the persons we work with or could take advantage of our job”

So, what about you? How high are you willing to fly? What holds you back flying higher? In which parts of your life are you settling in with too little? What are you going to change in order to open up your wings and fly high?


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