How does your summer look like? Here is mine

Free Summer 2015There are summers and there is THE Summer. We all have had one that changed our life. I don’t know if this summer will be the one but I don’t really care. Each time I face a new step, I tend to visualize how I would like it to be and this year, I have decided to leave a Free Summer 2015. Why? Because I have to admit that I am quite tired reaching this time of the year and I need to catch up with a more human life. Are you up for it? Let’s put some pictures that are meeting these goals over summer. Who wants to start with #freesummer2015?

F  Follow your instinct

R  Reflect upon your life

E Enjoy on your own and with others

E Escape from routine 

S Smile, laugh, sometimes life gets too serious and I do too myself.

U Unambitious, enjoy little things, I don’t want much, just enjoying being with them

M Move… your body, your judgments, your habits

M Mindful, take care of your soul and go over what limits you

E Explode with emotions, listen to them, accept them

R Real, forget Pinterest, it is no good for your health

Free yourself