I am not selfish, I think about “me”!


How many times do you feel or others make you feel selfish? And why do you feel this?

Because you want to be on your own in the bathroom? Because you prefer to stay a little bit longer at work instead of running to be with your kids? Or because, to the opposite of most mothers, you would rather buy clothes for yourself than for your children?

There are many reasons for making us feel selfish but few are fair.

You are not selfish if you need to be on your own,

If you don’t want to breastfeed, you are not selfish

If you don’t want your kid to sleep in your bedroom, you are not selfish

If you enjoy having something to drink or eat after giving birth, you are not selfish

If you like to work, you are not selfish

If you would rather do some sport instead of taking your child to the park, you are not selfish

If sometimes your kids are a pain and bother you, and you only dream of being on your own, you are not selfish

If you like to spend time on your hobbies, on your own, you are not selfish

You are real, simply real and you need to think about yourself.

Let’s stop using this word when not appropriate, let’s stop whipping ourselves in the most extreme way, being selfish is much more than this.

In order to take care of others, you first have to take care of yourself. Let’s forget this devastating word, that confines us in guilt and prevents us from freedom and accomplishment too often


Free yourself

  1. Jc

    Fully agree: love ourself first is the better way we can truly love others. Being balanced brings balance.