I am (only) the General Manager of…my home

CEO of my house

In my company I am the one in charge of values and culture,

I usually communicate important decisions,

I listen to complaints and show empathy to my team members’ emotions,

I build up the meetings planning of each member,

I take care of development needs of each of them,

I make sure each of them (not that much for myself) can take a reasonnable break over holidays,

I even check their overall wellbeing regarding food, clothes and pills

This company is my family and I am the General Manager of…my home!..

We know they are very few women at top management levels and even less situations where the same person is the CEO of two different companies.

This mere fact is the main reason why, if we want to enable women’s access to CEO’s jobs, the first and main step is for us to resign from our job as General Managers of our home and hand over to our partner, usually heading the Marketing Department, this role or part of it..

Everything starts at home and in terms of task sharing.

So, are you going to continue being the GM of your house or will you pass over part of your responsabilities?

Free yourself