Lady, you are a Change Hero and you don’t even know it!

Woman Champions of changeChange is life and life is change. I have a belief: women are real champions in change management.

Have a sit, grab a coffee and think: Have you ever thought of the number of changes you experience each day or the ones you have lived since you were born? Have a guess: how many?

We all live many changes on a daily basis, men as well (no offense please) but we should face the fact that as women we do incredible changes and we are not even aware of them. Let’s be conscious about them and use them to strengthen our self-esteem.

 What are the 4 main reasons I am convinced about this?

  • Your body is change – For all of us, growing up is changing but a female body has huge changes which we also experience every single month. Most of the time, periods are paired with an not feeling well mood and the overwhelming feeling of not being in control. We live this change from behind and on a constant basis. Looking at pregnancy, more than a change we can talk of an earth quake with hormonal, physical and psychological consequences. And what do you tell me about giving birth? Not a single woman is spared..Each of us in her own time, ups and downs but we manage it! We are champions!
  • Educating is changing – Raising kids is a whole adventure. We are faced with a human being who is changing constantly and making us change: from 9 month pregnancy to giving birth and facing a small totally depedent baby. During childhood, we are constantly adapting to his/her needs, new emotions, new roles….
  • Your emotions are the key for change  – We mostly wish to change without feeling anything or as if nothing was affecting us. No! Changing means being alive, feeling a large set of emotions, facing me in order to adapt to change (or not). The choice to adapt depends on us and the good news is that in general as women we are more in phase with our emotions. By acknowledging your emotions and going though a rational vision, we get to adapt to change. It is our strength!
  • You drive change at home..mostly in the shadow but you do it! Who is usually pushing changes forward at home? Who tends to project herself in the future and plan actions? I don’t want to generalize as there are many men doing that and pushing changes, and in many families, women have a huge role. And sometimes in the shadow..No wonder most of the initiatives in the world to fight poverty or enhance education, pass through women/mothers.

 Look at you! Stand straight and be proud! What change have you just done sucessfully this morning?














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