Laila El Qadi Onda Mujer, 10 questions about Freedom

Let’s start a community. This is a community where you will be the main actor if you are up to cultivate our freedom together. Those are short interviews to share our daily life. Are you up for it? Then use the following hashtag #FreeMeTips 

 Today let’s welcome Laila El Qadi. We met by casuality and she accepted to answer some of my questions.


Laila has been in charge until march 2015 of coordinating all the programs of PR noticias group and handling the radio Onda Mujer. Lately she is developing a new department at Prnoticias focusing on events. She is an active woman, passionate and non conformist, who does not believe in abuses that are done under the name of women. Being fully aware of the hard paths feminism has gone through, she believes everything starts with women themselves, by not refraining their creativity, training and personal as well as professional aspirations. That is the reason why until now, her main challenge has been developing, the only spanish digital radio focused on professional women.

1. What do you understand by freedom? Whatever feeling or sensation that enable us to be ourselves with no fear of going against the que diran or self esteem drop. Respecting the other’s decisions and opiniones with no prejudgment.

2. What do you think are the main obstacles for women to live a truly free life? ourselves

3. What are the obstacles linked to the society? Customs, norms, traditions…

4. How were you raised by your parents regarding freedom? I was taught to respect others first and that “your freedom ends where others freedom starts” even if I really did not understand totally this. Actually, I was raised upon the belief that you can do whatever if you work hard for it. Society will never be ready for changes because they break the “established” part and we don’t like changes.

5. What has been the freer decision you have ever taken in your life and why?

My decision of not having kids. I never wanted, it did not fit into my plans and each time I met another woman she would tell me” you are still young, you will want them, there is our biological clock”, this clock I must have broken when I was little or I was born without it. I never felt the need of bringing a child to this world. Sometimes, I have considered adopting but more in order to help a child rather than to feel as a mother…and then I lost the interest.

6. If you were to give one advice to children regarding freedom, what would it be?  Be what you want to be, fight for it! It won’t be easy, for sure…and help others on the way, who are in worth or better situations.

7. And to other women? I would suggest they stop looking at themselves, that they start respecting other women who don’t act or think as they do or as “they should do” ori s written somewhere no one knows. Those are not better women for being married, being heterosexual or having at least one kid. And of course they are not better women either.

8. In a scale from 0 to 10, how free do you feel today? 7

9. I am launching a new section called FreeMeTips, where women can share tips in order to live our freedom on a daily basis, What would be your FreeMeTip?  Think a lot, know exactly what you want, listen to yourself and face your ghosts and doubts. Once you understand them, you are free.

10.What do you want to add on to this topic? We are the ones in charge of removing prejudgments and stereotypes on women. It is the only way we can demand society to respect us and support us in each of our decisions.

Thanks Laila for such a powerful and honest interview!


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