You are a girl, a LITTLE girl!

GirlSome months ago, my little girl loved playing with cars and riding horses. Why? Because she had not been watching any typical “girly” movies so far. But since she was shown Frozen whilst we were skiing, she has changed. She is obsessed with Elsa and wants to make up all the time. So far she is like most little girls, right? And yes,  Frozen is not the worst movie to watch but still…I am concerned about how influenced she is by it. Of course, I can control it and I can tell you I will continue limiting her access to pink, promote her mixing with boys and avoid talking about weight or making up too much in front of her.

Some people call me extreme, and honestly I don’t care. If you want to see what is going on, here are two examples of how our society is converting our little girls into object girls.

  • Watch out Internet: it can promote the wrong attitude in little girls

Do you know Danna? She is hosting tutorials on YouTube. Here is one of them.

She knows perfectly how to make up and I am upset about this case. Why? Because it seems like she is as most of the little girls acting as Elsa of Frozen but no, she is not, she is actually making up like a real grown up whilst she is only 5 years old and everything is organized by her parents. Why is this happening? How aware is she of what she is doing? How much are her parents aware of what they are promoting in her behavior for the future as a Woman? Is that what we want our daughters to be then?  Understand me well, I love making up and I believe it is funny for girls to do so. But all this is too early, too extreme and it is not even a game for a little girl who is discovering it can be fun to use make up!

  • Check what is behind the princess game: this concept can be manipulating your daughter!

If you have not read this  article Niñas objeto, then you definitely should. It made me scream. Did you know that little girls can now buy fill in materials for their underwear’s? Did you know that in Spain, Princelandia has opened 20 shops? If you watch their advertising video, you will see how they sell to little girls how you can” Leave your dream with Make up”.


No need to talk about being thin, taking off your hair very early because you have your communion or having surgery….

There is this trend of rushing things which destroys childhood and makes our little girls fall earlier into some of the stereotypes. We are rushing…too quick and in the wrong direction. Be aware! We can stop it. We can avoid this and show them another way. We can show them they can be happy and different. We can show them that being a Woman is something else.


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