Looking for lightness

Lightness Leaf, air, sky, wings, wind…symbols of lightness. My purpose, my dream, my wish, my aim…

 Do you feel it? It is in the air, a certain burden, something that weights too much, takes you from inside and makes you too close to the earth, too realistic even.

You feel heavy. Not only because you weight too much,..you need to take some kilos off your body but your real concern is about this weight on your shoulders. For some years now you don’t stand that straight. And you know that more than a physical cause, it is also very much psychological. Too much weight on your shoulders, too many things you are responsible for, You need to let go, delegate and basically recover lightness and carefreeness, by simply living and letting go.

 Here are some rituals easy to incorporate into your life if you are in quest of lightness. I am keen to read yours.

    • Running – Running is a great way to recover lightness. Because there is nothing better than feeling like your body has pace. Because moving means being alive.
    • Laughing – Do you laugh for silly things? Do you take the piss of others and yourself? Laugh out loud for nothing, for everything and you will fly over!
    • Throwing things away –Take things away, literally, just empty your life from things, unclutter,,
    • Dancing –Put the music up, take your shoes off and dance, whatever makes you feel free and light!
    • Breathing fresh air, go to the mountain, open your windows..
    • Riding a bike
    • Drinking water – One glass in the morning just coming out of the bed, rediscover how nice water tastes
    • Sleeping
    • Playing like a kid – Instead of sitting watching your kids playing, stand up and play with them.
    • Simply enjoying…and letting go: do less but better

Free yourself