Men, Take your Mask off!

man-with-gas-mask-stencil-560x590As a mum of a boy and the wife of a “man with a light mask”, I am currently reading a lot on co-education, which is about educating boys and girls away from stereotypes that are still very much transmitted across our androcentric societies. (This will be the topic of a post very soon, by the way!)

I often find myself thinking: What kind of man will my son be? When he is older, how will the definition of masculinity be? How can I help him to be strong enough to stand for himself and chose to be how he really is, without having to put the mask on, in order to survive?

Some days ago, we went out for our car in a parking and he told me: “Look, mum! Our car is the biggest and the most powerful one!” I said: “Well, I don’t really think this is true and really this is not what matters. What is important is for the car to drive well. It does not really matter to have a powerful car or even the biggest one!”…but, really, as we teach our boys since they were born how to dominate their surroundings, what can I expect? How possible is it for him not to like something that implies strength and domination?

Traditionally, there is not much done to teach boys compassion and this might actually be the biggest challenge for our new or even current generations of men: How to integrate within the inherent strength of men, feelings such as compassion and caring?

Jennifer Siebel Newson’s initiative is a big step with her film “The Mask you live in”.The Mask you Live in

I hope you enjoy watching this video and that we can all contribute to creating generations of men without mask!


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