Moodboard, a way of visualizing your dreams!

Are you creative? Why not? Who says so? How often a day do you train your creativity?

For me, creativity goes along with freedom. It requires rituals and a lot of boldness. We should never stop learning and doing things differently. And this is exactly the reason why I decided some weeks ago to join a course HelloBlogging from Hello Creatividad.

Each contact with Hello Creatividad is like breathing fresh air, opening my eyes to a panel of soft colours, discovering a new world,  creating positive relationships and touching a crowd of high motivated individuals keen to overcome their fears around creativity.

This week we were given the task for put together a Moodboard for our projects. I hereby wanted to share with you the one I did for The FreeMe Project. I am keen to hear what you think about it.

Moodboard 1

The message I want to convey is the following: each Woman can be fulfilled in each of her different roles listening to herself and deciding freely.

This is why I decided to put as the central piece, a painting that is very special for me. It is called SPRING by Maria Miralles.  I was given this beautiful painting from my company as a gift for my 10th work anniversary.

Why did I chose “Spring” as the central piece of art?

Because it rhymes with happiness, energy and a lot of colours that can easily represent the different roles of a Woman. Because it is during Spring that everything comes back to life, wakes up and this is exactly what TFMP is about: to listen to oneself to find our way of living our life freely.

Wings are a must as they are the symbol of flying, raising high and being free. A picture of my mum in her 30s full of energy and happiness. And of course, a selection of  some key books to read when looking for our path..

Moodboard 2

Training shoes in order to jump high and train our behaviours to get where we want to and a white puzzle to find our own way..

What do you think of this moodboard? Does it inspire you with the message I try to transmit?

I have to say that I have been using Moodboards within Coaching Sessions for some months now. I think it is a great way of visualizing our ideas, applying creativity to what we truly wish and a powerful way to free ourselves from blocking thoughts.

What about doing one yourself? It can be about how you see your life in some years? Your job? Your way of living up one of your roles? Whatever inspires you. Looking forward to reading your experiences!

Free yourself