Move to be free!


Internal dialogue: “Do you move? No, I am a sedentary and lethargic human being. I spend hours with my hand and eyes focused on my mobile phone, the rest of the day stuck to my computer and my thumb is deformed from sending out so many messages…”

Some days ago, I was waiting at the reception desk of an international company at 4.00 pm and I got seriously scared. Various persons looking pretty unhealthy and as White as a sheet passed in front of me, walking slowly and emitting low levels of energy. They looked like they were out of air, dragging themselves along the aisles…How possible is it that so many people were like this? Yes, they all have a job and it was the very beginning of the week.

I came out of this place, running, moving around in order to check that I was still alive…to be 100% sure that I had not been contaminated by this epidemic wave. But I calmed down quickly…because I have managed to stop on time…I hereby share with you a big secret: I have started Zumba classes some weeks ago! 🙂

 Move and you will start living again! Move, and you will feel light and alive. Move and you will see life with a different color! This is how I feel now….

 This is about finding what makes us explode! I have always loved looking at people dancing because I believe it is the reflection of so many things. It is coming back to our roots. With no complexes, without sense of ridiculous Be ridiculous, be free!

We are not made to be sitting all day long, we are made to live, to move…look at children, they don’t stop…they exult! They are free!

Come on, let’s live, let’s move, let’s make those bodies sweat because otherwise it looks like even passion is leaving us! What do you to move?

Free yourself