New Year’s resolutions – fight emptiness!

Now that we all focus our energy towards finishing the year the best possible way and think about how to celebrate, give presents, eat and consume, I want to take a break. I want to stop in order to reflect upon what is the meaning of my life.

I am probably too early or even weird to think about this. This type of reflection usually goes on around the 31st of December when we set ourselves New Year’s good resolutions.

I truly believe that it is key to analyze how 2013 went, at all levels, answering the following questions: What were the key successes? What are the points to be improved? What are the new challenges ahead from us? And this can be applied to career, kids, couple, friendship, home, life in general really.

And as far as I am concerned, 2014 will be The Year of running away from the Emptiness or said positively, the Year of fulfillment!

The main challenge whilst faced with good resolutions is turning them into real actions. And if we want this to happen, we need to be concrete. But, in my case, I really want to think and do less at first.

This is why it was really perfect when some days ago; my husband offered me a meaningful  moment taking me to see the movie “The Great Beauty”.

Watching this movie was spot on for me….Of course, and most of the critics mention it, the way we discover Roma is impressive but for me, it was much more.

The beauty of the soundtracks acts as a caress to the soul, the mix of sensibility and originality shakes the one who wants to be touched and the evidence of an empty life hurts deep. How sad is a life with no sense, with loneliness and so much superficiality.

I love the way this emptiness is reflected whilst surrounded by so many dull people and how ridiculous human beings can be sometimes, with scenes apparently common but suddenly bringing to light this sad emptiness.

Even though I consider myself especially lucky for knowing quite clearly what is my mission in life, this movie gave me clear insights and action points for 2014. Do you want to know what will be one of my first action? Music….coming back to put more music into my life. I will keep you updated.

Go and see this movie. It is a real moment of beauty. Looking forward to your reactions and hoping it makes you think!

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