On glasses, pencil and mirror

 Miror pencil

I believe in signals. I believe that sometimes, things happen for a reason.

In a moment of doubts about my focus, about the why and the how….a pair of glasses, a pencil and a mirror have given meaning to things again.

Yesterday, I lost my glasses on the train. They must have fallen out of my bursting luggage, which I opened in order to work. They must have “decided” to run away and tell me it is about time I change my way of looking at things? Maybe…

Yesterday too, one of my participants gave me a pencil, a back pencil but with a pink shiny top…a gift early in the morning that made me smile inside and out. And yesterday, at the end of the day, I gave her a mirror, just for her to find my project. Simply, following my heart…

It seems like little, it seems like nothing but to me it means a lot.

Give me something to write and I will give you something to look

Give me something to create the future and I will give you something to know and love you.

Thanks to this pen, I will continue…at least a bit more..

Thanks M.