Plan to be free!

plan-for-success--elearningQuite often, I get to meet people who tell me “what a pity, I cannot do that!” or “I don’t have time for this” or even at professional level, who are considering themselves as “stuck” without any option for them to choose their life.
It goes without saying that our life’s circumstances tend to push us towards a certain path but I am convinced that each of us can chose freely to be what he/she wants to be…and I believe it depends on two main things: the first one is to have the courage to decide what really matters to us and the second, to plan to be free.

So, what is it “to plan to be free”?

Of course, there is the general and more difficult life concept that undermines “planning to be free” but this can be as easy as grabbing our agenda and at one glance, decide in which dates we plan to be free..
I can imagine that for many of us, the word “planning” clashes with the concept of freedom!
And we should admit that wanting to be free and being free in our society requires some planning

What are the benefits of planning ahead a “I moment” in order to be free, or of planning not to answer the phone at some point? Even planning some moments with our partner on our own or even to do nothing?
At the end, it is all about planning our freedom in order to do what we really want to…

Once we have chosen the timeslot, we can then start negotiating with our environment so that they respect or even help us enjoying this freedom instant…

For professional reasons, my agenda is extremely organized and quite a long time ahead, but, actually I feel very privileged by this as I am therefore be able to plan, delegate or say no to some activities that I don’t fancy in order to say Yes to those moments that enable me to live in coherence with myself…and this is even more relevant ever since I am a mother

Do you want to plan in order to live better and more freely?

If you are a “planner” already, then your challenge might be: How to avoid this planning to turn into a jail and prevent us to enjoy also unexpected events?

If, on the opposite, you usually don’t plan, then, the question is: Which benefits can you take away from doing it? Which “free moments” are you going to plan in the short term?

Let’s enjoy the wings of freedom..

Free yourself