About Style, Happiness and Self-esteem

My grandma used to tell me that “style is directly linked to your attitude” and that “you could buy expensive clothes, this would never give you style”

contar al mundo quien eres

As women, we are under pressure with fashion icons, models and trends, and if we follow them, we can end up sometimes feeling disguised or even not at the level of what is expected from us. This pressure is what made me quit reading Fashion Magazines a while ago. But this does not mean I am not convinced about the importance of taking care of our appearance, controlling our image and of course, the impact it has on our self-esteem. At the end, it is all about sewing yourself a personal suit in order to be ourselves: Dress to be yourself!

And this is how, in the middle of those thoughts, that out of nowhere, I discovered Andrea Amoretti telling us how important it is to find the style that makes us happy. You will not be surprised if I tell you that she left me bedazzled and that ever since, I follow her philosophy that so much fits with my vision of FreeWoman.

And the best of all is that I was given the opportunity to check who is behind this project by attending some weeks ago one of the Cenasadivina.

 What is her philosophy?

Andrea’s mission is clear: helping women to be happy with their style. We are all “chicas bonitas””pretty girls”, whatever our size, height, hair color…but there is one thing, you have to work it out a bit and look at yourself in the mirror in order to know what works and what does not.

Among the points she helps you to work on, you can find your closet, inspirations and on the top of the list comes the importance to have a big and good mirror. It is crucial to look at oneself in the eyes and really it works for everything in life: only with an honest look at oneself, can we know what is our starting point and therefore improve.

Bye Bye Style Sad Moments! With some key sentences Pistas de Estilo, she reminds us of the basis of style and clearly it has a lot to do with our attitude in front of life.

Why do I like Andrea Amoretti?

 First of all because she is the best image of her project. With her own fine, clean, personal and timeless independent style as well as a certain touch of Ava Gardner, we get carried away by her sweet words. She comes through as both decided and sensitive and this vulnerability touches the heart. Her project impacted me as she is and I think she has put a lot of her inside it and that she is a good example of a FreeWoman in many ways.

She offers simple though very practical solutions that everyone can easily put into practice and all based upon self-knowledge and cultivating your strengths without acting so that your style is the true reflection of who you really are.

And also because I think it has a lot to do with deciding freely, going out of your comfort zone, listening to yourself and showing the world who you really are.

 I have not done a full workshop yet but if you are interested, here is the link to her blog:http://www.andreaamoretti.com/  It is for sure a project to follow closely!

Note: all pictures come from her blog.

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