Suffering pays off at the end


It is not easy to face suffering. It is not politically correct to feel bad in our society. Try to start telling people asking you “how are you?” how bad and poor you feel, how difficult it is for you at this very moment, and you will see how either they turn your back to you or try to convince yourself (or themselves) that everything is fine. I remember some conversations with a person taking pills to calm down as she felt unsecure regarding her future and some others telling her how exciting it was what she was living. And there is a direct link with religion: for most of our western societies, mostly Judeo- Christians, pain is underestimated if not hidden.

I know we need to adapt quickly, I know it is better to focus on the future and build ourselves together quickly in order to face life and I also believe, it is such a big strength to suffer a bit. So, why should we hide away from it?

I am a true believer that suffering is what makes us richer, this enables us to really understand others, to go forward and tap into our full potential. It might sound violent for the ones reading this post and currently suffering like the hell.

And I have had my share of sufferings or rather testifying sufferings of beloved ones…probably less than others but it is there: it is a black hole in me that I am constantly trying to turn into green energy.

This is probably why this quote really resonates in me:“The Wound is the place where the Light enters you” Rumi.

No matter what is the pain, we need to face it and it takes time.

Don’t hide away from yourself, the pain will always be there and come back to your face sometimes even stronger.

Make it yours, part of you as I believe it is the path to bond with others. It is not a shame to suffer, it is an opportunity. You won’t be dull ever again.

I believe it is wise to choose who to share the pain with, not everyone can take it. Sometimes it is our opportunity to start working deeply on ourselves.

Accepting and curing our pain is one step further towards being free and thus reaching fulfillment.

In a nutshell, I believe that in most situations, going through hard times can really pay off because it can make us:

–       More humble towards life in general

–       More empathetic, being able to feel compassion for people who have endured similar situations and thus, connect quickly and authentically with them

–       More receptive to our environment, appreciating positive situations life brings on our path

–       More resilient, so more prepared for life

–       More fulfilled because it helps you to know what you really want

I dedicate this post to 3 very important persons to me who are currently suffering: to my dear J. I love so much, to my friend P. who is an example of empathy and of course, my dear O, who is fighting so well. Keep your light, my dears!


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