Culture and Freedom


Today we have the pleasure to welcome another Dad on TFMP. He is sharing his view on culture and fatherhood. Sebastien is French but with a Spanish heart. Father of 2 based in Madrid nowadays, he is a passionate reader (history books are his favorite) and loves Rugby.

When Nazis occupied Paris and France, the very famous Sacha Guitry warned them with these words : you can take whatever you want, we will always keep what has the most value : our culture.

He was so right, because what makes us different, free and truly human is ourselves, our culture, our thoughts along our life.

There are many ways to learn in life but nothing wins over a book. Of course I have nothing against tablets (other similar devices), they can be of great use (sometimes) but a book, really, it remains a book !

Reading books is not only a relaxing hobby, it surely makes us think, dream about ourselves and on ourselves for ourselves. We are true actors of our learning process, which makes it more efficient and probably healthier. For all those reasons, I believe that reading makes us free, because we develop a unique way of thinking, our own, which we put together out of our reader experience (novels, history, philosophy…and so many more..)..and this no one can take it away from us. Of course this has no price.

All this applies only at one condition : not only opening books when we are looking to confirm what we thought. The most famous and horrible one is Hitler. He read a lot but only books supporting his most horrible theories.

In a nutshell, if I read to learn, I am (and I will always be) free!

As a father, I am responsible to share with my kids my taste for reading. They have, I believe, to learn to go to bed with a book (whatever style): this ritual, developed as a little kid, will stay all their life. And our kids will probably turn into better persons.

As a conclusion, I would like to share a small story: some days ago, we received (via Amazon..thanks) the last part of a comic my son loves. When I entered his room and he saw the book in my hand, he was so happy that I almost busted into tears. I then thought  that we had partly -at least- succeeded in the education of ours kids : if they are still able to get so excited whilst receiving a book, then it means everything is fine. This is for today what contributes to my happiness as a Dad.



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