Be the first to take the chair: 5 tips to increase your visibility at work

Take the chair

Feeling invisible at work? Fed up of people stealing your ideas?

Feeling like no one takes you really seriously?

Do you feel frustrated about it?

 Here are 5 tips to apply now in order to get more impact and get the place you deserve at work.

  • Take the chair first –   when Ifirst started working in business, I recall being shy, letting others sit down first in order to check where I would sit. Not wanting to bother in a way, trying to be a good person, made me come last in many places. Remain respectful but do not hesitate to grab the seat you want, chose where to sit and of course stand straight! Don’t start offering water to everyone, or even cleaning the meeting room after everyone has left. It is nice and can put you in the wrong place.
  • Acknowledge the others but just enough – Watch out if you are direct, make sure you acknowledge the others before expressing your idea but just enough to make them feel valued, not taking away from you your added value. Make sure you are strong and empathetic at the same time
  • Force yourself to ask one question in every single meeting – We are taught to be discrete, it does not only apply to women because it is very much linked to our educational systems. I still remember joining my first law amphitheater in Germany and being so impressed by the ability of students to stand in front of 200 persons to ask questions to the professor. I had never seen this in France before. By asking a question we end up showing our interest, gain information and make an impact in terms of personal branding.
  • Sell yourself – Doing your job well is no guarantee for success. Too often I hear business women telling me work will pay off  Some women believe selling is a dirty word. The minute we understand that no one will never buy us anything unless they know what we are good at, our life can change.
  • Create your network of allies – Do not depend only on your manager. Speak to other people with influence in order to sell your work. Make you visible within the company. Tell people what you are working on. Ask them questions about their challenges.


In a nutshell, you are there to open up yourself the doors to your own success!

Free yourself