The day I lost my life in internet


One day I lost my life in internet…I started looking for information to organize a trip and without being aware, I went away, I forgot, I disappeared…I opened up another window because I saw a girl wearing a nice skirt and wanted to know the one dressing so well, but I never read anything about her, because I was inspired by the comment of another person and ended up reading information about decoration and kids clothes…but how did that happen? If I was after some information regarding a political conflict abroad?

Finally I woke up, I am glad I did…my 4 year old daughter next to me, asking me who were those little girls I was watching? Were they friends of mine? I told her no, that I did not know them…her answer was spot on: Why do you watch them then? I woke up, I froze…others’ life vs mine, those little cute kids and those beautiful family pictures vs. My normal life, all expectional in her normality…

And I gave up this drug, this new drug our society now admits…the new opium…and I remembered why years ago I had stopped reading beauty magazines…for some reason….

We need to train ourselves and our kids on this topic. It is another trap on our way to freedom, another tool we need to know how to handle, never forget to chose…

Do not lose your life on internet, stop reading me!

Free yourself