What if Freedom was a place?

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La Trinité sur Mer

Sometimes when I feel trapped, I try to recall sensations of freedom. This exercise calms me down. For many years, I used to recall 2 things: my first scuba dives in Greece or the vision of my best friend. But this was before…before I discovered my very special freedom place

 I am sure we all have such a place, hidden or not, where we feel free, where we recharge our batteries…well, mine is somewhere in France between winds and sea, with a special weather and huge beaches. My freedom takes me to Britany and more especially to Morbihan.

 It is a place that conveys tranquility and peace. It is healthy, full of space. You breathe the wind, eat the air and life becomes easy.

 It has this touch of freedom because of its wild nature and the sea, of course, unteamable. I have to say I love (maybe being weird there) the fact that you never know how the weather will be. Those changes in the same day make you live within one sole day, a rainy shower, then beautiful warm sun and grey moments.  Maybe I should not say it, but if you don’t know it yet, come around…it is a magical place!

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