What is your secret?


I think we all have a secret. Something in our life that we have not shared with anyone, that we might want to forget or have troubles living with.
Secrets are what makes us different, rich in a way and deep. But they are also difficult to reveal because of the possible damages and our fear of what people will think of us.
On the other hand, isn’t it really a true reward of friendship and connections when you get to lift up the essence of your secret? It is actually demonstrated how bad for our health it is to keep them. I personally always shiver when I really open up, when I really feel this other person “deserves” to know this information about me. I find it beautiful to open the door to my heart to the other person only knowing I won’t be judged of course!

I am definitely influenced by this book I just red “My Husband’s secret” by Liane Moharty (by the way, recommended for a Summer read) because it is about a heavy secret kept by a husband and finally discovered by his wife. When it finally unfolds, it damages many things in his/her lives but it also reveals new perspectives and enables her to understand so many aspects of their life together.

Are secrets part of the magic of someone? When do they become a burden? What if we all shared our secrets? Would that not mean we have learnt to live with them and thus have become free of them? This is definitely what I get to think whilst reading about the impact of secrets kept in families and their strong implicit influence on the trans generational line.. Isn’t it actually a higher sign of freedom to keep them for oneself because of the damages they can cause? Do we need to reveal them? What do you think? So, What is your secret?

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