Why?..is the question


Why do you do this? Why do you do things the way you do them? And why not another way?

We don’t always stop to think about the why behind what we do and if we do it, it tends to be more focused on negative things…in order to improve.

Why haven’t you done this? Why did not you chose another path?

Asking questions is the basis for learning but it is mainly the ground for chosing freely, stopping and breathing before starting to walk again.

I suggest we do a change: using WHY… ONLY TO DEVELOP THE POSITIVE.

By doing this, what will happen? It will enable us to understand what we do well, repeat it in a conscious way and increase our selfesteem.

This is the entire basis of Appreciate Inquiry and many companies are using it in the change processes. It is about organizational development involving many people with the purpose of renewing the company, changing it and focusing on performance, asking oneself questions and visualizing the future, provoking positive links.

Are you up for a change? Why? or Why not? :)

Free yourself