Your kids are no excuse!

Vida con hijos

How many times are you saying you can’t do something because of your kids?

Come on, let’s face it…yes having kids, especially small ones make it more tricky and a real juggle to do things for ourselves but there is no excuse.

It is all about reconciling dilemma and being creative.

Here are some ideas to fight those excuses.

  1. There is not one unique way. Ok you might be used to travel a certain way. My case: I love packpacking. If your thing is travelling, find a new way to do it. Be creative, change your mind and your ways.
  2. Going out. I see too many couples not going out for dinner the 2 of them or even with friends. This is key in our life. Even if you can’t have the help of family members, use babysitters. From time to time, it can be a good option. In this case, and in order to respect budget restriction, you might chose a cheaper option for the restaurant. Look at
  3. Your hobby. Your child will follow your path, your example. If you stop doing what you really love for them, at some points it will come back into your face. If you chose it, assume it. If not, do it! Remember, you are an example (or not?).
  4. Your space. I see many houses where the living room has been overtaken by toys and kids’stuff everywhere. Ok, true. Once there are kids around, the challenge is to limit space invasion and still, kids need limits…and as parents, we too. It is the same as stated before, keep your space, your stuff, your time. Think about when your kids will make their own life, you will need to have this right there. If it does not exist, what is the risk?

So, what are you waiting for? Free of excuses to fulfill yourself “even” with kids.

Free yourself