Your phone in a box? first step to reconnect

How many times a day do you watch your mobile phone? What are you after? How dependent do you think you are?

As many of us, I tend to do many things at the same time. On the top of it, my job is about combining two responsabilites. My mobile phone is a huge help and enables me to connect with my family abroad, talk to my kids whenever, solve whatever doubt or question I have. With TFMP I got to open up to the social media world and its unending source of inspiration as well as its exhausting impact on my life.

It is not about denying the great benefits of mobile phones..It is interesting to make a thorough list of real advantages it brings…in order to put aside all those things that it takes away from us.

What for can you stop using your phone for? In which moment is it clearly disconnecting you from life?

With these questions in mind, we decided some time ago to créate with my kids the mobile phone box. This is the first tip I share with you within the challenge without my mobile.

Box for phones

Even though we don’t use it anymore now, it has been of great help to control the use of mobile phones at home.

Arriving home, everyone has to place the mobile phone inside the box. Children are in charge of controlling the process is respected.

What are the main benefits?

Regain quality time with your family

Connect with yourself

A shared behaviour for adults to be exemplary and for kids to learn how to use well their mobile phones

Co responsibility in communication

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And you? What tip can you share to help controlling the use of mobile phones and avoid disconnecting from real life?

Please do it under the hashtag #challengelessmobilephone

This initiative is launched with Laura Monge from Mis Trucos para Educar, highly recommended if you are after tips on education (and speak Spanish).



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